What is the second half bet? Experience in betting on the second half to win big

Have you ever encountered a situation where you wanted to place a bet before a match but couldn’t make it in time because time was running too fast? Sometimes when you start paying attention to the match, the first half is almost over. However, don’t worry, there is still a chance for you to participate in betting and betting. This article will show you how to find out what the second half odds are and the strategy for betting on the second half right below keonhacai5 .

What is the second half bet?

The concept of second half odds is very simple, this is the ratio calculated for bets predicting the result of the second half in a match. Second half bets can be opened early but will only close before the second half starts. Many people choose to bet on the second half because they want to rely on the results of the first half to be able to accurately predict the results of the second half. Because the betting closing time is later, even when the match has started, Viewers can also participate in betting on this bet.

Similar to the first half and full-time bets, you can bet on the second half using Asian handicaps, European 1×2 handicaps or Over/Under bets. The way to bet on the second half is similar to the first half bet and the full match bet, the only difference is the time of opening and accepting bets.

Therefore, there is no reason to refuse the second half bet from the bookmaker. As long as you find a reputable bookmaker, the type of bet and betting time will no longer be a problem.

Popular examples of 2nd half bets

  • Asian Handicap 2nd half: You bet 100,000 VND on team A with odds of 1.35 for the 2nd half. If team A wins the 2nd half, you will receive a bonus of: 100,000 x 1.35 = 135,000 VND.
  • European handicap 2nd half: You bet 100,000 VND that team B will draw in the 2nd half with odds 2.10. If the second half ends in a draw, you will receive a bonus of: 100,000 x 2.10 = 210,000 VND.
  • 2nd Half Over/Under Odds: You bet 100,000 VND on Over 2 for the 2nd half with odds of 1.95. If the total number of goals in the second half is 3, you will receive a bonus of: 100,000 x 1.95 = 195,000 VND.

Where to check the second half odds?

The second half bet is a better opportunity to bet because it is more certain, effective and safer than the first half or full match bets. However, to be able to quickly refer to accurate and continuously updated odds, you need to find a reputable and top quality bookmaker.

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The secret to betting on the second half to win big

Recognizing the advantages of the second half bet is not too difficult, but taking full advantage of those advantages is not simple. Longtime betting experts at leading bookmaker Kèo nhà cái 5 have shared some experiences that can help you do this easier.
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In case the first half ends with a draw of 00, the possibility of scoring in the second half is very high. However, there is no exact answer for the outcome of each match, players can rely on the general situation and confrontation history to make predictions.

When betting on the second half, observing the odds is also very important. If the odds are stable, you can bet against it. However, you need to pay attention and consider carefully before making a decision. According to the experience of previous players, the odds often tend to fluctuate when entering the second half. If the odds are in the range of 1/5/1, the player should consider betting.

In addition, the ideal time to bet on the second half is usually from 52 to 60 minutes of the match. At this time, the odds are updated accurately and there is a high chance of winning.


Some information about what the second half odds are has been mentioned in the above article. At the reputable bookmaker Kèo nhà cái 5, there are many articles sharing betting and betting experiences that are continuously updated. Do you want to miss those valuable shares? If not, please visit Kèo nhà cái 5 regularly to learn more about how to place bets today.

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