Common Mistakes Players Make When Using the 3 Patti Sequence List

Some people call the card game Teenpatti online or “3 Patti.” To play this game you need a mix of skill, planning, and gut feelings. It’s fun and useful for many people to play, but they often do things wrong that hurt their chances of winning.

There are various mistakes that people make when they use the 3 Patti sequence list at Fun88. This article tells you how to avoid those mistakes to make your game better and increase your chances of winning.

1. Misunderstanding the 3 Patti Sequence

Not knowing how to play Teen Patti online all the way through is one of the most common mistakes people make. The strength of your hand is based on its sequence, which is like a scorecard. The following is the order:

  • You have the best hand when you have three of a kind. The Straight Flush follows which is a sequence of three consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Next is Straight which is three cards in a row that are all unique suits. A Flush consisting of three cards of the identical suit is another possible outcome.
  • The last card in your hand is the High Card, which is the best one. You can figure out how good your hand is and make smart moves during the game if you know the order.

2. Overvaluing Certain Hands

Players often overvalue pairs and flushes. You can defeat these strong hands if you overvalue your hand and you may gamble too much and lose more than you should. Having two aces may make you think you’ll win, but if the other cards don’t match, you have a significantly smaller probability.

Being confident in your hand’s power relative to the community cards and other players’ hands is just as essential. Consider your opponents’ odds and hands. In this manner, you won’t overestimate your hand’s strength and place wagers that aren’t based on reality.

3. Ignoring Opponent Behavior

Watching your opponents is essential in online teenpatti games. Many players consider their cards and ignore their opponents. Watching their betting tendencies, hesitations, and conduct can reveal their plans and hand strength. If an opponent suddenly increases their stake, they may have a decent hand or be bluffing.

If you ignore these indications, you may miss opportunities to bluff or make wise decisions based on your opponents. If you watch and learn about your opponents, you can adjust your plan to exploit their weaknesses and win.

4. Poor Bankroll Management

In Teen Patti online, money management is essential. Watch your bankroll, or you’ll lose money quickly. Stick to your game budget and make sure you can afford your bets to recover your losses. You can play and improve without running out of money if you manage your bankroll correctly.

It would help if you also wagered according to your budget. If you’re winning a lot, up your bets somewhat, but don’t overdo it. To protect your money, lower your bets if you’re losing. If you manage your money effectively, you may play longer, win more, and recover from losses.

5. Neglecting Intuition

In 3 Patti, it’s important to trust your gut. Though math and planning are important, you can also choose based on how you feel. A good player gets better at trusting their gut when they know when to call, raise, or fold. This part can make the game boring and easy to guess if you don’t pay attention to it.

When you think someone is playing or there is a chance to make a smart move, trust your gut. It takes time and work to get better at insight. Trust your gut and think about the decisions you made after each game.

Over time, you’ll learn to trust your gut. When you use both your gut and your smarts, you’ll be able to make better decisions.

6. Emotional Decision-Making

When you play Teen Patti online, getting mad can hurt your game. You might lose your temper and make quick decisions when you are angry or excited. When you let your feelings guide your choices, you often make bad choices and miss out on opportunities.

When you’re losing a lot, you might want to place risky bets to try to win them back quickly, but this can make you lose even more. Maintain a cool head no matter what, whether you are winning or losing. Take breaks if you need to. This will help you stay focused and learn to play the game well.


You can play the 3 Patti sequence list at Fun88 much better if you don’t do these things. If you pay attention to these things, you can win more often and enjoy games more. Don’t forget that practice makes a man perfect. You will get better at 3 Patti and be able to avoid these mistakes if you play it more and work on your plans.

You can win cool stuff at Fun88. Use the tips and enjoy the game!

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