Latest instructions for watching and betting on Thomo cockfighting for new players

Thomo cockfighting betting This is a familiar and familiar form of betting for bettors. However, new players will certainly be confused about this form of betting, as well as not knowing about reputable bookmakers that organize online cockfighting. That’s why, today Kubet will share useful information about this type of betting. Let’s see!

Some details about Thomo cockfighting betting

Originating from a Cambodian place name, Thomo is a border gate located adjacent to Duc Hue district, Long An province of Vietnam. This is where countless casinos and the most majestic casinos in Cambodia are concentrated.

This location is also a place that attracts countless Vietnamese betting enthusiasts to come here to gamble and place bets. 

For those who are passionate and love cockfighting, this is a true paradise. Because all cockfighting activities at Thomo are legal and licensed, with certificates.

And the activities here are extremely organized. The arenas are built like a small stadium, where you can eat, drink, entertain and relax comfortably.

Popular forms in Thomo cockfighting

In Thomo cockfighting, there are two forms that you are probably familiar with when you go to the cockfighting arena. That is gamechicken Iron spurs (knife spurs) and round spur cockfighting are the two most anticipated forms.

Like the name, training and fighting style will depend on their shape. Different shapes lead to completely different fighting styles.

With the purpose of reducing damage during combat, the round spur shape has been changed to a cylindrical spur with a sharpened spur tip. Round spur cockfighting is very dangerous because if hit, parts can be punctured.

However, this will not endanger your life or cause other serious injuries.

In the fight of chicken spurs, the spurs have great damaging power. Just one hit can break bones or tear off the opponent’s wing.

That’s why the fighting of a cock fighting knife is often considered a life-and-death fight because just one blow can kill the opponent. The opponent will be injured and disabled for life.

Thomo cockfighting betting guide

 There are 3 ways Thomo cockfighting betting that bettors can refer to: 

  • BDD (draw bet): In reality, drawn matches are very unlikely. However, this odds are extremely high. Because chickens are arrogant animals, when they fight, they can only win or lose. 
  • Wala: For this form, the bettor can place the chicken on the winning bettor’s side. This form will have higher odds than Meron.
  • Meron: For this form, the bettor will bet on the home team’s cock to win. Usually, most bettors will bet on the home side and this side’s win rate is also higher, so the probability of you betting will be very high.

Instructions on how to watch Thomo cockfighting for beginners 

New players always wonder how to watch and Thomo cockfighting betting effectively and want to know more about betting experience. So below is a guide for beginners on how to watch cockfighting online effectively and easily. 

  • Step 1: Go to the official website link of bookmaker Kubet. Then, please register an account according to the instructions.
  • Step 2: After completing step 1. You need to log in and proceed to deposit money according to the instructions in the deposit box.
  • Step 3: Select the section to watch cockfighting online, watch matches and Thomo cockfighting betting. Based on that, players can filter information and decide accordingly.
  • Step 4: After placing your bets, you can sit back and watch exciting matches and wait for the results. The bonus amount depends on the previous bet you placed.
  • Step 5: After the battle ends, if you win, the bet amount will be transferred to your account immediately. You just need to check and withdraw money to use.

Benefits of watching Thomo cockfighting online 

Online cockfighting has many advantages over watching it live, both in terms of audio-visual and betting. Please follow along to see exactly what those advantages are!
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  • When watching cockfighting online, you will avoid being watched or talked about by people around you. Avoid being arrested or detained by the police, because cockfighting has not yet been legalized on the market.
  • No need to push or jostle people. You only need an electronic device and the internet to watch bloody matches immediately.
  • When watching and Thomo cockfighting betting Online through bookmaker Kubet, you will receive countless attractive incentives such as promotions for new and veteran players, high betting rates, simple deposits and withdrawals, promotions for holidays and birthdays. ,…
  • You absolutely do not lose money when watching big matches at the house, including all big and small matches around the world.

If you don’t have the opportunity to watch Thomo cockfighting live to experience the epic feeling there. You can still watch and Thomo cockfighting betting online through bookmaker Kubet.

The matches here are equally attractive and professional. Hopefully today’s article will help new players understand more about Thomo cockfighting. Good luck!

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