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Our  iGram Video Downloader is an online web tool that assists its users with every download they want to make from Instagram. Using this downloader you guys can easily grab the Videos of your choice from Instagram surface to your device easily. It is an incredible tool as it provides its users with amazing quality content.

Learn more about this fantastic tool in the article below.

Our web tool is actually a help in need. Instagram is a huge platform that provides users with a lot of entertaining stuff but it is only accessible through a proper internet connection. If you want to watch or use it when you don’t have an internet connection, it is not possible. It also does not offer you any help for downloading Instagram content. If you really want to download something you must search for help.

There are plenty of downloaders either online web tools or paid downloaded applications which can provide you with that help. But our sssInstagam downloader could be considered the best among them as it provides them with their content in no time, in the best quality, and is an easy-to-use web tool.

Let’s take a look at how can you use this downloader to download your Instagram Videos;

How to Download Videos Using iGram?

Just follow these simple steps to get the content you need on your device directly from your Instagram feed;

Get the link

The first step that you have to take before initiating a download is to get the link to the Video you want to download on your phone. And to get the link to the Video you want to download simply open your Instagram account, and find the Video you want to download.

Once you have found the Video click on the share button present on the right corner of your screen. And from there select the option of copy link. Your link will be copied successfully.

Paste It

The next step you have to follow is to paste that link. Open our web tool on your browser and there on the top you will see a box “Paste URL here” written on it. There you have to paste your copied link.

Start Downloading

Click on the download button, present in front of your insert box. A list of quality options will open in front of you, select the one which suits you well. Again and for the last time press the download button. Your downloading will start and after a small period your file will be downloaded successfully!

Instagram Story Downloader

Uploading Stories is a feature of the Instagram application allowing users to make a collection of their stories and can store them on their profile page for more than 24 hours. Downloading these Stories has always been a challenging task. Not just the Video but to download anything from the Instagram feed is not easy. Although there are some methods through which users can download stories using a downloader, not a lot of people are aware of it.

We have created this tool to help you guys to download whatever Video you want on your device easily. Our downloader will ensure that while running a download through this downloader no harm should be done to the user’s device. Running a download through our tool also ensures that you get your downloaded quality in the best quality. With the launch of this downloader downloading Instagram stories has become a lot easier. You guys now don’t have to download any software or browser extension to download your Instagram stories. Use this amazing downloader now and get the content of your choice on your device with just a few clicks.

📱 iGram Downloader on iPhones

Creators have created this web tool in such a way that anyone with an internet connection can use it easily. So using this downloader on your iPhone is no big deal. Certain individuals think that Apple devices support no sort of anonymous downloads, which is consistent with some points however it doesn’t mean you can’t download Instagram Videos on Apple devices. If you have an iPhone and need to download an Instagram Video using our Instagram Video Download then you don’t need to invest some part of your energy. You should simply;

Download ”Documents by Readle” on your Apple device or iPhone. Open it and search for iGram downloader. Then again, open your Instagram account and get the URL to the Video. Now visit our page, paste it there then press the download button. After some time your Video will be downloaded effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys keep a history of what we have downloaded using this tool?

Absolutely Not. We do not keep a record of what you have downloaded using our web tool. Nor do we notify anyone of your downloads. Our downloader does not save your download history either for you or for us. Just simply get the link of the Video you want to download and provide it to our web page. In no time you will get the desired Video on your device.

What exactly is iGram Downloader?

SSSInstagram has a feature of Video Downloader, which provides support to its clients for downloading every possible Video they want from Instagram. If the account is public to them then they can simply extract the link of Video and provide it to our downloader. Soon our downloader will provide them full offline access to that Video content. Now watch again and again whatever you want from your Instagram feed once you have downloaded it and share it with your friends or on your other social media accounts.

Is the iGram Downloader free of cost?

Yes! Our downloader is totally free of cost. Users don’t have to pay anything for downloading anything from the Instagram account. You guys will not be in charge of anything not in the name of membership or anything else. Just provide the link of the Video to our web tool and the rest will be handled by our tool.

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