Dual Lottery Tips for 3 Days to Win Big and Win Huge Money

3-day double lot is an ideal and safe investment option for players to make predictions. Above all, when you know how to apply the knowledge of raising double lots effectively, you will definitely make money quickly and very conveniently. But if a newbie doesn’t know how to predict correctly, then why hesitate any longer and immediately follow the tutorial article from the experts? Hi 88 The following.

What is 3-day double lottery?

If you are a professional player, double lottery with a 3-day frame is probably no longer a strange form of lottery for you. In particular, this is a very popular way of playing in which participants will choose double numbers and raise them for 3 consecutive days. Normally, the raised double numbers will include 00 – 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 – 55 – 66 – 77 – 88, and finally 99.

Although playing double lotteries in the 3-day frame has fewer numbers to raise than other forms of play, usually, the results of the draws always have a few double numbers, so your chance of winning will also be higher. . But because it needs to be raised continuously for 3 days, it requires participants to prepare enough capital to not worry about leaving the bridge halfway.

In addition, there is a very attractive point worth mentioning about this method: it saves time. The reason is because when raising demand, investment capital will increase exponentially. Therefore, the 3-day farming strategy is considered suitable for those who are less experienced than when choosing a 5-day investment frame.

Double lots are often found in 3-region lotteries 

Before going deeper into the effective strategy of raising double lotteries in a 3-day frame, new players need to pay special attention to the most common types of double lotteries to choose the most suitable lotteries. As follows:

Double equal lot

The first type of double lot that we think of is definitely the double lot with numbers that are similar in both the tens and units place. In particular, it will include 10 corresponding sets as mentioned above and these are also the most popular numbers for prediction, including 00, 11, 22, 33,…, 88, 99.

Skewed double lot

According to lottery experts at Hi88 day When playing double lotteries in the 3-day frame, you cannot ignore the wrong double lotteries. Simply put, these are numbers with the tens and units positions reversed. Typically, pairs of numbers such as: 01 – 10, 12 – 21, 23 – 32, 43 – 34,…

Negative double lot

Another popular form used to predict 3-day double lots is negative double lots. Among them, these are the lottery pairs found by the shadow numbers of other numbers and most chosen by players: 07, 70, 29, 92, 14, 41, 58 and 85.

Share the method of predicting double lotteries accurately in 3-day frame

In fact, there are many different methods to conduct 3-day frame double lot prediction such as soi 366, Platinum Dragon,… But to find the right strategy with a certain win rate, please immediately refer to the divine tips shared below:

Predict how easy it is to win special prizes 

It can be said that the special prize is one of the prime locations that most players use as a basis for choosing lucky double numbers. More specifically, you should monitor the betting results from the previous day and split the lottery numbers to create 2 free 3-day double lotteries to ensure you win enough money.

For example: Looking up the lottery results table, we see that the Northern special prize is 61930. So from the number 30, we can split it into 2 double numbers 33 and 00 and keep it for the next 3 days without worrying about losses.

Predict good numbers when the first prize is double

Another very effective method of predicting bets that bettors should not miss is to monitor the first prize results to see if the first 2 numbers are doubles or not. If it is discovered that there is a real double, the player immediately chooses that number to play the 3-day double lottery. Usually, on the 2nd day or at the latest the 3rd day it will explode.
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For example: The day before, the first prize result was observed to be 66018. Because 66 is a double lotteries, the bettor should immediately choose this number to invest, the result will definitely satisfy you.

Find a dumb player to play double lotteries in the 3-day frame

Not only when looking for double lotteries, but dumb head is also applied as an effective prediction method in many forms of play Lottery Hi88 different. In particular, to find beautiful lottery numbers that last for 3 days, players need to observe the previous day’s lottery results table. In case you see a dumb head appear, you should double raise that animal with reasonable investment capital.

For example: To raise a 3-day unbeaten double lotteries, bettors look up the statistical table of results in the most recent draw. When it is discovered that the number 1 and number 9 are silent, the double number will definitely come in the next 1 to 3 days, which are 11 and 99.

Catching double lottery numbers through the total number

In order to determine the double number of the God of Wealth and not be afraid of losses, bettors can also apply the method of calculating the total by adding up all the numbers in the special prize. Next is to exchange positions to get the wrong double to ensure victory.

For example: To successfully predict the 3-day double lottery, the player reviews yesterday’s special prize and sees the result is 29240. When taking 2 + 9 + 2 + 4 + 0, we get 17. So the skewed double pair has The high probability of exploding is 17 – 71.

Hit the double lotteries hard

It is known that double lottery numbers are double numbers that have not appeared in the lottery results table for a relatively long period of time. But according to actual testing, they have a very high chance of returning when they have been absent long enough. Therefore, it is best to choose the double liver lotus that will not appear for about 10 – 15 days to raise for 3 days.

Summary of useful 3-day frame double lot farming experience 

Referencing methods for predicting good numbers is not enough. To minimize the risks that arise during the prediction process, you also need to pay attention to a few important experiences below:

  • Only bet at transparent bookmakers with many years of experience in the market, or you can choose to play the lottery. Hi88 to improve the quality of the experience.
  • It is necessary to flexibly combine many different 3-day dual lottery prediction strategies to increase efficiency.
  • Always manage capital in the smartest way such as applying ratios of 1:2:4 or 1:3:10.
  • Always follow daily lottery results statistics to update important news sources.
  • Calculate and analyze results and numbers carefully to make investing more favorable.
  • Avoid betting big, betting randomly as well as playing based on emotions.

Articles from numerology experts Hi88 Above has compiled for players all the knowledge they need to know when participating in 3-day double lot prediction. Hopefully through that, bettors will have more knowledge and confidence to invest and win big every day.

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