Discover OKVIP – The Best Entertainment Destination of 2024

OKVIP is currently one of the prominent names in the entertainment industry in Vietnam, known for its professionalism and appeal to a large number of customers. Let’s learn more about this brand and the interesting things that OKVIP brings.

Introducing OKVIP

Giới thiệu OKVIP, originally launched in 2003 as TAIPEI101, quickly attracted attention from the media and press. With a professional team and the goal of continuously meeting customer needs, this brand has quickly spread and become popular. After 20 years of development, OKVIP has become a leading entertainment alliance not only in Vietnam but also throughout Asia.

An important turning point for OKVIP took place in May 2023 when the TAIPEI101 brand changed its name to OKVIP, opening a new chapter with many innovations. Thanks to these innovations, OKVIP has achieved many outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry.

During more than 20 years of operation, OKVIP has achieved many outstanding achievements in the entertainment industry. This brand always puts service quality and customer satisfaction first, building a solid reputation and receiving a lot of trust from customers.

Introducing OKVIP

Outstanding advantages when joining OKVIP

To be able to exist firmly in this online entertainment industry, OKVIP has outstanding advantages such as:

Diverse forms of entertainment

OKVIP owns a treasure trove of diverse games, ensuring players never get bored. This brand always updates the most popular games on the market, giving players a rich experience.

User friendly interface

OKVIP’s interface is designed to be simple and easy to use, suitable for even beginners. Convenience and reasonable design help users easily access and participate in games.

Attractive promotions

OKVIP regularly offers special promotions to players, not only to promote the brand but also to express gratitude to customers for choosing OKVIP. Players will always receive super deals when participating here.

Professional staff

OKVIP is proud of its team of highly trained consultants, always ready to support and answer all customer questions enthusiastically and professionally.

Updated news and live football

OKVIP always provides breaking news about football and broadcasts live matches, ensuring fans have great experiences with the best image and sound quality.

Media for major tournaments

OKVIP is proud to be the media agency for two major tournaments, Euro and World Cup, in Asia, contributing to promoting the images of these tournaments to a large number of fans.

Outstanding advantages when joining OKVIP

OKVIP’s charity activities

OKVIP not only stands out in the entertainment field but is also known as a unit with many meaningful charity activities, contributing to spreading love and supporting the community. Below are some outstanding charity activities of OKVIP.

Visiting and supporting elderly mothers

OKVIP regularly organizes visits and gifts for elderly mothers at nursing homes. Gifts and sincere greetings not only help mothers have more joy, but also bring great spiritual value.

Support for mothers raising mentally ill children

Realizing the difficult situation of a mother having to raise a mentally ill child for 25 years, OKVIP promptly provided both material and mental support. The brand gave meaningful gifts to encourage mothers to overcome this difficult period.

Helping children go to school

OKVIP believes that children are the future of the country and always pays special attention to children in difficult circumstances. The brand has supported more than 1,000 children to continue going to school, awarded 500 gifts to children with excellent achievements and granted 300 scholarships to students who overcome difficulties.

Other volunteer activities

Besides the above activities, OKVIP also organizes many other volunteer programs to support difficult situations in society. The brand always strives to contribute to building a cohesive community, full of love and sharing.

OKVIP’s charity activities

Cooperation partner at OKVIP

OKVIP is currently cooperating with many famous partners in the entertainment industry, helping to expand and develop its network. Some typical partners include:

  • 789BET: Provides a variety of entertaining games.
  • JUN88: Asia’s leading brand with many attractive betting forms.
  • NEW88: Highly appreciated for service quality and number of participants.
  • HI88: Although newly launched, it has quickly built a reputation in the market.
  • F8BET: Asia’s leading famous bookmaker.


OKVIP is not only a leading entertainment alliance with high professionalism and safety, but also an attractive destination for those who love entertainment. With the above detailed information, hopefully you will have more motivation to experience interesting games at OKVIP.

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